Tarmac Delays

A Tarmac Delay occurs when passengers are confined to an aircraft, with no immediate opportunity to disembark when the aircraft is on the ground with its doors closed for take-off or has just landed. 

Wasaya will provide the following standards of treatment for passengers for delays at departure that are within our control, or within our control and required for safety purposes.

  • Access to lavatories in working order (if the aircraft is equipped with lavatories);
  • Proper ventilation and cooling or heating of the aircraft;
  • A means to communicate with people outside of the aircraft, if it is feasible to do so; (e.g., free wifi, access to a phone)
  • Food and drink in reasonable quantities at no charge, taking into account the length of the delay, the time of day and the location of the airport; and
  • Access to medical assistance if a passenger requires urgent medical assistance.

In cases where a delay is expected to extend overnight, Wasaya will provide hotel or other comparable accommodation free of charge, as well as free transportation to the accommodation.

Passenger Disembarkation

If a flight is delayed on the tarmac at an airport in Canada for more than 3 (three) hours, Wasaya Airways will allow passengers to disembark.


Wasaya Airways is not required to provide an opportunity for passengers to disembark if:

  • “Take-off is imminent”, meaning it is likely that take-off will occur less than three hours and 45 minutes following the start of the tarmac delay.
  • The opportunity to disembark is prevented by reasons beyond Wasaya Airways control (i.e., safety, security, air traffic control, or customs reasons).

For more information pertaining to the above content, please refer to the Scheduled Domestic Tariff