Hawker Siddeley 748

Wasaya Airways LP, utilizes the Hawker Siddeley 748 for freight and fuel deliveries to approximately 25 First Nation communities in Northwestern Ontario and Northern Manitoba.

Wasaya Airways LP operates one Large Freight Door (LFD) Hawker. The cargo capacity of the HS-748 is approximately 12,500 pounds. The Cargo door dimensions are 5’5” by 8’10” allowing large, bulky items such as construction materials, boats and heavy equipment parts to be loaded. The cabin length of 46’6” allows for loading of long materials such as insulated water pipe, construction beams and trusses. The LFD HS748s can be configured with a flat floor or a roller type floor for loading palletized goods.

The HS748s can also be configured for bulk fuel deliveries. Fuel capacities are approximately 7,500 liters for Commercial Fuel, Unleaded Gasoline and Jet Fuel

The combination of a cruise speed of 225 knots and a roller floor allow for quick movements of large amounts of freight.

The HS748s are based in Pickle Lake and Red Lake. The Hawkers are available for deployment anywhere in Canada for large freight movements. The Pickle Lake base is able to quickly answer questions on oversized items and their ability to be moved on an HS748.