Groups & Conferences

For special events such as conferences, meetings and sport tournaments, choose Wasaya Airways as your organizations' preferred airline. Wasaya Airways will assist your organization in making attendance possible for delegates in all regions of Northwestern Ontario.

Group and conference fares are available and are assigned a unique code that relates a delegates' reservation to your event. Wasaya Airways will provide to your organization custom-fit, negotiated conference fares based on volume and the opportunity for sponsorship that may be exchanged with your organization.

Once your organization has designated Wasaya Airways as the preferred choice for air travel, Wasaya will put into motion your negotiated conference fares, which will certainly bolster attendance at your event.

Rules and restrictions for groups and conference fares are separate and specific to your event. Travel periods will be negotiated between the airline and your organizers allowing sufficient time for delegates' travel to and from the event.

A sample conference plan might include a 15% discount off the full fare with reservations required at the time of booking. Payment may be required within 48 hours of making the reservation or 48 hours before departure, whichever comes first. Complimentary changes to reservations will be allowed, although, cancellations will be subject to a cancellation fee. Guests that do not show up for their flights will be assessed a $99.00 re- accommodation fee, however, the balance of the credit may be applied towards future travel with Wasaya Airways. Travel will be limited between certain dates.

When obtaining your group and conference rates, Wasaya Airways will provide the best-fit possible for your event, while keeping economy in mind.

Contact Sales regarding conference codes at: 1-866-982-4787


In appreciation for your business, support and promotion of Wasaya Airways, the airline is committed to providing mutual support to your event and organization. Our representative will consult with your event organizer to ensure that you are getting the best service for your dollar.

Advertising and Promotion

In exchange for your choice of Wasaya Airways as the preferred airline of your event, and for our commitment of sponsorship, Wasaya Airways would be pleased to be included in the publicity and promotions of your event.

For further information, or to obtain conference rates, please contact:

Sharon Smith-Baxter
Phone: 807.474.2351