Our Fleet

Wasaya Airways depends on a diverse fleet of 17 aircraft to provide a vast network of services to customers in Northwestern Ontario and the Timmins area.  Our passenger fleet is the most modern of any air carrier in Northwestern Ontario, and all of our aircraft offer two key features: they are suited to operate in northern climates and on shorter gravel runways.

Aircraft Beech
Dash 8

Dash 8 Freighter

Scheduled Service     
Seats  18 9 0 9 37 0
Payload (lbs) 4,800 3,000 12,000 2,900 8,000 9,000
Cabin Length 39' 15' 8" 46' 6" 16' 11" 30' 2" 30' 2"
Cabin Width 4' 6" 5' 3" 6' 6" 4' 3" 8' 2" 8' 2"
Cabin Height 5' 11" 4' 6" 6' 3" 4' 9" 6' 2" 6' 2"
Door Width     8' 10"     4' 2"
Door Height     5' 5"     5" 0"


  • The Hawker Siddeley 748 and the Dash 8 Freighter deliver only freight or fuel (no passengers)
  • The passenger load for the Beech 1900D may be restricted in the summer months due to operational restrictions

Innovative Technology

Wasaya Airways is pleased to incorporate the Skytrac System in our daily operations. The Sky Trac System is a 2-way messaging and data transfer system that utilizes a Global Positioning System (GPS) to track aircraft. A component is installed in each aircraft which allows the data to transfer to Wasaya's flight operation centre, by using a low earth orbit satellite system.

Due to a vast geographical area in which Wasaya Airways operates, the SkyTrac System provides a means of real-time communication between our flight followers and flight crews. This is done through on-board, handheld PDA's that our flight crews utilize in order to send and receive e-mail messages from our flight operation centre.  Additionally, Wasaya's flight followers monitor position report information via the FlightTrac computer database.  The position reports are shown in our computer database and indicate such information as aircraft position (latitude and longitude), altitude, track, as well as start-up, shutdown and enroute positioning reports. 

Please visit SkyTrac Systems Limited to discover more about this innovative flight following system.