If your flight is interrupted

Wasaya Airways will keep passengers regularly informed if there is a flight interruption.

Wasaya Airways will provide our passengers information, including the nature of the interruption, as soon as possible through the following methods:

  • An audible announcement
  • Website flight information display
  • Flight information display screens in airports where available
  • Persons with disabilities may choose their preferred method of communication within the existing options provided by Wasaya Airways

Wasaya Airways will provide status updates of flights every 30 minutes until a new departure time has been set.

Depending on the length and type of delay, Wasaya Airways may provide meal vouchers. Below is a breakdown of compensation you may be entitled to:

Length of delay

Compensation Issued

Controllable delay

Controllable but for safety


 3-6 hours

Meal voucher (as  per applicable time of day)




 6-8 hours

Meal voucher (as per applicable time of day) and $50.00 future travel voucher




 8+ hours

Meals, transportation, hotel and $75.00 future travel voucher





If at any point in the unlikely event Wasaya Airways aircraft are delayed on the ground for an extended period of time, Wasaya Airways will ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers by providing food, water, and access to working lavatories to our passengers. 

For more information on the rights and regulations of communications of delays or interruptions, including tarmac delays please visit:


Denied Boarding (Overselling of flights)

Wasaya Airways must look for volunteers from all confirmed passenger before denied boarding may occur.

In the unlikely event of denied boarding within Wasaya Airways’ control a passenger may be entitled to compensation. Below is a table outlining the timelines of impact to the customer and associated compensation rates:

Delay to original arrival time and compensation amounts

Optional: Travel voucher offered

0-6 hours

$900 CAD

$1800 Wasaya travel voucher

6-9 hours

$1800 CAD

$3600 Wasaya travel voucher

9+ hours

$2400 CAD

$4800 Wasaya travel voucher

 We will issue the compensation amount within 48 hours Monday-Friday 9-5pm.

 For more information on denied boarding, please visit:


Lost or damaged baggage

Wasaya Airways maximum liability for lost, delayed or damaged baggage is now $2100.00 CAD per person, per incident. Passengers may be entitled to this compensation in the event baggage has been lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear.  

A passenger must file a claim for expenses with the airline. For damaged baggage, the claim must be submitted within 7 days after the passenger receives the baggage. For potentially lost baggage, the claim must be submitted within 21 days after it was supposed to arrive.

If you suspect your baggage has been lost or damaged, we recommend you notify a customer service representative at your destination within one hour of flight arrival.

For information about submitting a baggage claim, please visit our website at wasaya.com

For more information on lost or damaged baggage compensation rates, please visit:



Transportation of musical instruments

Wasaya Airways will allow musical instruments to be carried onboard providing they meet the carry-on size and weight requirements. 

Instruments may also be accepted as checked baggage as long as they are properly packed in a hard sided case and meet the size requirements. Wasaya will accept instruments as checked baggage if they are not packaged properly (i.e. a soft sided case) provided the passenger agrees to sign a limited release tag that releases Wasaya for any liabilities. The instrument must meet the size requirement.

Should musical instruments be damaged or lost during travel, where the damage or loss is the result of mishandling by Wasaya Airways, the maximum liability is $2,100.00. In such instances the passenger must provide Wasaya with proof of original receipt or a professional appraisal. If the passenger declares the monetary value is greater than Wasaya’s maximum liability, the instrument is required to be shipped through Wasaya Cargo whereas a declared value can be established

For more information on transportation of musical instruments, please visit:


Seating of children under the age of 14 years

Wasaya Airways will seat children under the age of 14 with their parents, guardians, or travel companions at no additional cost. Please contact the Customer Care Center at 1-877-492-7292

For passenger protection questions or complaints, contact: 1-877-492-7292 or reservations@wasaya.com

To file a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency, visit: https://services.otc-cta.gc.ca/eng/air-travel-complaints

For all new regulation highlights, visit: https://otc-cta.gc.ca/eng/air-passenger-protection-regulations-highlights