Aiming High - The Sky's the Limit Project

 Picture Left to Right

Chris Winnepetonga, Wunnumin Lake FN
Darren Anderson, Kasabonika Lake FN
Thomas Nodin, Whitesand FN


Congratulations to Chris, Thomas and Darren for successfully completing the Aiming High - The Sky’s the Limit Project!

 Chris Winnepetonga came to Wasaya with his Private and Commercial license, IFR Rating and Multi-Engine Rating. Chris was hired as an Apprentice Pilot in YPL and has been working towards increasing his flight time to fulfill his dream of becoming a pilot.

Throughout the course of the project, Thomas Nodin and Darren Anderson obtained their Private license, IFR Rating and Multi-Engine Rating and both passed their Commercial Pilot License. Both Thomas and Darren have been hired on by Wasaya Airways as Apprentice Pilots at our YPL base.

Congratulations and welcome to Wasaya!